Romance on Malecon Havana

Malecon Habana Parejas

Like a powerful invisible magnet, Malecon Havana has drawn generations of lovers to its walls. Couples walk while holding hands, others sit glaring into each other’s eyes and, another couple meet for the first time. Yes, Havana’s Malecon is synonymous with love and passion. Best of all, it’s the Cubans who think of it as a romantic venue. It is unclear if it’s the rhythmic motion of the sea, the sunsets or the tranquility but, Havana Malecon has united generations of Cubans and non-Cubans in a lasting loving embrace.


The naturalness of the venue and its close proximity to numerous outside patio bars, ice-cream parlors and, later on, nightclubs, makes Havana Malecon the center piece for; meeting, dating and wooing that special person.


malecon havana