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Hotel Nacional De Cuba

Hotel Nacional de Cuba evokes the type of profound feelings that many hotels simply never attain. You see, the Hotel Nacional Havana is better than the sum of its services. Take its apparently 5 star rooms in isolation and you’ll be undoubtedly underwhelmed. Eat a meal at its 5 star restaurant and you’ll somehow feel that something’s lacking. Yet, time and time again, guests return to the hotel Nacional de Cuba because of its pure “chicness”, oozing with history. Simply put, you get to feel like you’re a legend.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba havana

Guests of the hotel Nacional de Cuba list as; Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ernest Hemingway, Edward VIII (Prince of Wales), Jack Dempsey, Tom Mix, José Mujica, Buster Keaton, Emilio Roig, Amadeo Barletta, Rita Montaner, José Raúl Capablanca, Tito Guizart, Trío Matamoros, Ñico Saquito, Errol Flynn, and the mobsters Santos Traficante (godfather), Meyer Lansky, need we go on?

Hotel Nacional de Cuba Entrance

But Hotel Nacional de Cuba is featured here not because of its “who’s-who” list, but because its rear terrace, north facing rooms and outside patio bar afford guests some of the best views of Malecon Havana obtainable. Yes, we know, there’ll be some of you who say that Hotel Nacional de Cuba is not technically located on the Havana Malecon and, you’d be right. If we go by street address only, then Hotel Nacional de Cuba does not have the all important “Malecon” moniker. However, between Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the Malecon there’s a lot of nothingness. In fact, as you can see from the above photo, the only thing between its massive outdoor gardens and Havana’s Malecon is a waterfall which cascades down to? You guessed it, the Malecon.

Guests at Hotel Nacional de Cuba have the convenience of both collecting and returning their Cuba Car Rental vehicle at CubaCAR Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

Staying at Cuba’s most historic hotel, looking out onto Cuba’s most historic boulevard? Priceless.

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