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Habana Riviera Hotel

Hotel Riviera on Havana’s legendary Malecon Boulevard is, by star rating, slotted right between the 5 star Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the 3 Star Hotel Deauville. Nevertheless, Hotel Riviera Habana has something different on offer while still being firmly rooted on Havana’s Malecon. The Hotel Riviera Habana is the purest 50s style hotel from the total group of 4 hotels located on Malecon Havana. Its art deco design is completely intact, thankfully not having been removed during one of the hotels many refurbishments since it opened in December 1957.

Hotel Riviera Habana

The Gran Caribe Habana Riviera features 350 rooms, all of which afford guests unhindered views of Havana Malecon and the expansive ocean filled horizon. Because the hotel used to be a 1950s casino, conceived as a Las Vegas style escape by its original owner, mobster Meyer Lansky, today these previous gambling halls are employed as numerous authentic Cuban bars, amphitheaters for live concerts and, an ample shopping arcade, complete with boutiques and stores. Yes, the Hotel Riviera is a large hotel, yet it offers a nice mix of services, allied to huge ground level lounge area, complete with high domed ceilings. It’s the only hotel on the El Malecon that offers views of the chic neighborhoods of Miramar, which denotes the end of the Malecon and the start of Havana’s famous 5th avenue. Guests at Hotel Riviera Habana have the convenience of both collecting and returning their Cuba Car Rental vehicle at CubaCAR Hotel Riviera Habana.

Hotel Riviera Malecon

A stay at Habana Riviera Hotel on Havana’s Malecon is sublime. Bring your garish 50s sunglasses though.

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