Malecon Havana Beach and Leisure Area


The office of Eusebio Leal, Havana’s Historian and CEO of Habanaguanex, is currently studying various plans to create a beach at the beginning of Havana’s Historic Malecon. Despite Cuba’s Tourism Ministry’s best efforts to promote other destination such as Varadero, Cayo Coco and the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Havana and, of course, Colonial Old Havana continue to be the main tourism draw for the island. The lack of a beach in the city has drawn criticism from major tour operators and tourists alike.


It is known that Mr. Leal secretly visited the City of Paris during the summer of 2012. Every year the Paris city hall erects a fully fledged beach, complete with sand, parasols, games, and even beachside cafes on the Seine River. The success of this “summer only” metropolitan synthetic beach has been well documented since 2002. It is said to be the inspiration behind Eusebio Leal’s “Habana Malecon Playa” renderings shown here.

Will Malecon Havana have its own beach by 2020?