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Malecon Havana Hotel Riviera Habana

Hotel Riviera on Havana’s legendary Malecon Boulevard is, by star rating, slotted right between the 5 star Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the 3 Star Hotel Deauville. Nevertheless, Hotel Riviera Habana has something different on offer while still being firmly rooted on Havana’s Malecon. The Hotel Riviera Habana is the purest 50s style hotel from […]

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Malecon Havana Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Hotel Nacional de Cuba evokes the type of profound feelings that many hotels simply never attain. You see, the Hotel Nacional Havana is better than the sum of its services. Take its apparently 5 star rooms in isolation and you’ll be undoubtedly underwhelmed. Eat a meal at its 5 star restaurant and you’ll somehow feel […]

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Malecon Havana Hotel Deauville

The Havana Malecon’s cheapest hotel, The Deauville turns out to be a gem, and not just because of its stunning location. As they say, it’s all about “location, location, location” and Hotel Deauville certainly ticks all the right boxes in this respect. With this prime location come the stunning and inimitable views of the Malecon […]

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Malecon Havana Hotel Terral

Hotel Terral Havana is the newest addition on the prime oceanfront real estate of the Malecon. For those wishing to stay in arguably Havana’s best hotel location, Hotel Terral on Malecon Havana could well be it. Hotel Terral features just 14 rooms, each with amazing and unique views over the bay of Havana that only […]

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