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Havana Malecon Casa Particular

So you’ve decided to visit Havana Malecon yet you’d prefer an authentic Cuban experience. A Casa Particular in Havana Malecon or homestay along Havana’s Malecon or on the streets leading from Havana Malecon will ensure you experience both the wonders of Havana Malecon’s vibrant life while being immersed in one-on-one contact with your Cuban hosts […]

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Malecon Havana Bad Weather Day

Malecon Havana is not always the Sunny calm place we all love. During Cuba’s winter months weather systems can play havoc with sea currents on Cuba’s northern coast, causing swells and sea incursion along the length of the Malecon. These days are known locally as “Un Norte or Frente Frio”. Of course, a full blown […]

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Avenida del Puerto La Habana

Often thought to start in Old Havana, the Havana Malecon experiences a little known name change straight after the turn towards Prado into the Avenida del Puerto. The continuation of the Malecon which borders the entrance to Havana bay until the cruise terminal and beyond to the Armadores Santander Hotel is technically not the Malecon but, who […]

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Malecon Havana People Watching

Taking a leisurely stroll is easily the best way to enjoy El Malecon de Cuba, however should you be tired after a full day sightseeing or if you are suffering from mobility issues, you can view Havana’s emblematic boulevard from a taxi, or better yet, a horse and buggy. As you can probably imagine, people-watching […]

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