Malecon Havana Architecture

Malecon Havana Cuba
Malecon Havana is the epitome of colonial style architecture and 50s style. While the whole of Cuban architecture has assimilated various outside influences over the last 600 years, mixing Moorish, Baroque, Art Deco and more, the Malecon Havana architecture is firmly placed within the last 18th and 19th centuries.

Architecture Cuba Malecon

Ornate Arabesque Design and Colors

Architecture in Havana

Successful Renovations of Havana Facades

Architecture Malecon Cuba

Havana’s dilapidated buildings soon to be restored

Architecture Malecon Habana

Partly Restored Malecon Havana clashes with Old Look

Buildings Architecture Malecon

Latent Potential of Havana’s Malecon taking shape

Cuba Architecture Malecon

Havana’s Malecon at dusk is truly unique

Havana Architecture Malecon

Breathtaking Architecture continues in the interior of Havana Malecon Properties

Old Architecture Malecon

Havana Malecon Building under initial restoration