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Old American Cars on Malecon Havana

It’s what we dream about when we think of Cuba. Way before we arrive in Cuba, our thoughts wander, creating mental images of the legendary Malecon Havana and the Old American Cars driving along it. Somehow in our dreams these two images of Cuba unite all by themselves. When you do the Malecon Havana “walk” […]

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Romance on Malecon Havana

Like a powerful invisible magnet, Malecon Havana has drawn generations of lovers to its walls. Couples walk while holding hands, others sit glaring into each other’s eyes and, another couple meet for the first time. Yes, Havana’s Malecon is synonymous with love and passion. Best of all, it’s the Cubans who think of it as […]

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Malecon Havana Architecture

Malecon Havana is the epitome of colonial style architecture and 50s style. While the whole of Cuban architecture has assimilated various outside influences over the last 600 years, mixing Moorish, Baroque, Art Deco and more, the Malecon Havana architecture is firmly placed within the last 18th and 19th centuries. Ornate Arabesque Design and Colors Successful […]

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Carnival on Malecon Havana

The Havana carnival usually starts around the end of July and continues on until mid August. The celebration dates back to the slave trade era and continues today featuring a traditional parade of colorful comparsas and floats down Malecon Havana. Over 20 popular Cuban groups perform during the festivity at Havana carnival and the whole […]

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Malecon Havana Beach and Leisure Area

The office of Eusebio Leal, Havana’s Historian and CEO of Habanaguanex, is currently studying various plans to create a beach at the beginning of Havana’s Historic Malecon. Despite Cuba’s Tourism Ministry’s best efforts to promote other destination such as Varadero, Cayo Coco and the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, Havana and, of course, Colonial Old Havana […]

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Fishing on Malecon Havana

You may say “unlikely catch”, yet everyday you’ll see a Malecon fisherman taking home a daily meal. Not really a sport in Cuba, fishing from the Havana Malecon is extremely popular and is carried out in one of two ways. Classic Fly and Line Fishing Cuban Fishermen of all ages can be seen perched either […]

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Malecon Havana Hurricane Season

Malecon Havana is the main seawall and floodgate of Havana. As a result, direct hit hurricanes, those centered on Havana and prevailing from south to north, often create major seawater incursion onto El Malecon and the adjacent streets. Buildings located 40 meters from the seawall are lashed by 20 meter high waves in what can […]

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Kids Play on Malecon Habana

El Malecon is the center of attraction for Cuban kids too. Devoid of attraction parks and entertainment centers, Cuban kids get their fun the old fashioned way, jumping from the Havana Malecon seawall and seeing who can implement the best (or worst) back flip, summersault or group dive. Onlookers often cringe as these kids seem to […]

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Malecon Havana Bad Weather Day

Malecon Havana is not always the Sunny calm place we all love. During Cuba’s winter months weather systems can play havoc with sea currents on Cuba’s northern coast, causing swells and sea incursion along the length of the Malecon. These days are known locally as “Un Norte or Frente Frio”. Of course, a full blown […]

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