Malecon Havana Cuba

Malecon Havana Cuba

Malecon Havana is more than just Havana’s coastal boardwalk; it’s the pulse of all of Cuba and heritage of every Cuban. Strolling along its expansive sidewalk, lapped by waves, you´ll hear music, you’ll see lovers, you’ll see retirees mingling with young Reggaeton dancers trying out their latest acrobatic moves. An almost spiritual awakening and a perfect introduction to Cuba.

Havana Malecon

In many ways, the 8 km (5 miles) stroll along Havana’s Malecon will tell you more about Cuba than the best guide book can. It’s the melting pot of Cuban life condensed into a tiny stretch of picturesque esplanade. Its where Habaneros and Habaneras congregate, where you’ll meet your first Cuban friends and from where your lasting memories of Cuba will originate.

Malecon Havana

On this official website, you’ll learn more than you need to about Malecon Havana. The whole point is that you do the “walk” and get up-close and personal with Havana’s mythical Malecon.

Malecon Havana Cuba Guide