Malecon Havana Bad Weather Day

Malecon Havana Storm Day

Malecon Havana is not always the Sunny calm place we all love. During Cuba’s winter months weather systems can play havoc with sea currents on Cuba’s northern coast, causing swells and sea incursion along the length of the Malecon. These days are known locally as “Un Norte or Frente Frio”. Of course, a full blown tropical storm or hurricane along the Havana Malecon can send waves careering wildly, up to 30 feet into the air, crossing the Malecon onto adjacent buildings. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence, happening every 10 or so years.

Malecon Habana Mal Tiempo

For many Habaneros this is the most fun time to visit. Young kids will play chicken with the waves, running up to the seawall then running away across the road hoping to evade the thunderous waves as they crash into the seawall. Traffic is usually halted along the Havana Malecon during these rare days.

Havana Malecon Waves

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