Malecon Havana Restaurant El Litoral

Malecon Havana Restaurant El Litoral

Restaurant El Litoral on the Malecon Havana is considered by many as probably the Best restaurant on the Malecon, if not in the whole of Havana. This is a lofty statement, especially when one considers the erratic availability of produce in Cuba and the notorious fluctuation of service levels. Nevertheless, the El Litoral Restaurant has been going strong for several years now yet; we have not had a single bad meal there or heard of anyone else who has.

El Litoral Restaurant Malecon

If Cuban Old Havana historian Eusebio Leal wants to use a building as a cookie cutter model for the rejuvenation of the rest of Havana, then this is probably the one he should use. Painstakingly restored, the exterior looks simply astounding with its weathered “hermanita” stone portal and beautifully tiled façade. Of course you are also coming here for the views of Malecon and, while not a high building, the views of the sea, peeking just above the seawall, are enough for most diners. For a romantic sunset dinner, book the terrace tables in advance and expect your loved one to thank you for a very, very long time.

El litoral Restaurante Malecon

Onto the food – El Litoral translates into English as “The Coastline”, so it would seem fitting that the menu consists of numerous seafood dishes. It’s how many and the extensive variety that strikes the first time visitor as a pleasant surprise. Tempura peppers with shrimp foam, almond encrusted whitefish with spinach gnocchi. Lobster Thermidor on a bed of fresh salad. Roast Tuna steaks with egg plant. The list goes on an on. Meat lovers will find their lamb shank cutlet wrapped in serrano ham to be divine.

Tip – We´d recommend ditching a table served entrée, instead taking the walk up salad bar buffet. It works out as an excellent option for mingling with other patrons and getting to know the staff at El Litoral.

The El Litoral restaurant on the Malecon is a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Nacional De Cuba. In effect it’s just behind the American Interest Section (embassy). Getting here from the start of The Havana Malecon at Prado – Strolling leisurely, takes about 15 minutes. A perfect distance to watch the start of the Malecon Sunset before your succulent dinner at the El Litoral allows you to view the sundown.

Address: Malecon & Calle L, La Habana, Cuba

Reservations: + (537) 8302201

Open: 8am to 12.30am – 7 days