Fishing on Malecon Havana

Fish Caught on Havana Malecon

You may say “unlikely catch”, yet everyday you’ll see a Malecon fisherman taking home a daily meal. Not really a sport in Cuba, fishing from the Havana Malecon is extremely popular and is carried out in one of two ways.

Classic Fly and Line Fishing

havana malecon cuba fishing

Cuban Fishermen of all ages can be seen perched either on the lower Havana Malecon rocks or higher up along the seawall itself. No license is required to fish on the Havana Malecon so, if you’ve brought your rod, give it a shot.

Net, Harpoon & Spearfishing

Havana Malecon Fishermen

If you haven’t seen them yet you will. Every morning men and youngsters, wandering through Old Havana carting strange contraptions that look like Styrofoam blocks on wheels, featuring numerous tethered leashes and hooks. Others appear along the Havana Malecon wall with heavily inflated voluminous truck tire inner tubes, once again adorned with nets, spigots and odd lines. More surprising than the contraptions are the fish you’ll see them leave with at the end of the day!

Pesca Malecon Habana

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