Malecon Havana People Watching

Havana Malecon People Watch

Taking a leisurely stroll is easily the best way to enjoy El Malecon de Cuba, however should you be tired after a full day sightseeing or if you are suffering from mobility issues, you can view Havana’s emblematic boulevard from a taxi, or better yet, a horse and buggy. As you can probably imagine, people-watching is a wonderful pastime along the El Malecon Havana, and you can habitually glimpse locals taking a cooling swim, or perhaps even fishing for tonight’s dinner. Such is the variety of people along the Malecon.

Malecon Havana Walking

Habaneros and Habaneras also are drawn magnetically to the Malecon and on occasions, the whole avenue can seem like a catwalk, displaying the latest fashion trends and Havana’s most beautiful residents. Depending on when you go, walking along El Malecon Havana can include evading the booming waves that sometimes wash over the seawall. Cuban youngsters love to play a game of cat and mouse with the crashing waves, which are at their strongest in the Cuban winter months. Should a wave hit you, it could take you to the ground, which depending on your mood and overall temperament, could almost be fun. Among the top festivals in Cuba, and any Latin American country for that matter, is Carnival. During Carnival in Havana, hordes of Cubans flock to El Malecon to enjoy the festivities. For the Havana Carnival, small kiosks are erected along each side of the road, stretching as far as the eye can see into the distance. From these visitors can get anything from a Cuba Libre to a Carnival hat. Of course, Cuban fast-food also prevails with Tamales and Pizzas on offer.

Havana Carnival Photo Malecon

People watching during the Havana Carnival can produce some eye-popping moments for the uninitiated. Scantily clad women and men wearing the “carnival minimum” are often seen dancing to hypnotic salsa tunes on carnival floats. Jaw dropping for some while entertaining to others, fun is had by all on Havana’s Malecon.