Malecon Havana Paladar Torreson

Malecon Havana Paladar Torreson

Though the building on Havana Malecon in which Paladar Torreson is located is in urgent need of a facelift, what awaits diners inside is truly exceptional. Firstly, its 3rd floor location affords diners with a panoramic view of the Malecon as far down as La Rampa. Grabbing a few photos at this unusual spot at the start of the Malecon will garner some unique shots. Now back to the food – One of the Paladar Torreson Restaurants popular dishes is of course its lobster and seafood menu. Starting at 10 CUC, the large portions work out quite economical.

Havana Paladar Torreson Malecon

Not a place to come if you’re not feeling hungry, the owners pride themselves on their customary generous helpings. Cuban staples such as black beans and rice with Yucca plant and pork are also high on the menu and, at just 14 CUC with a bottle of water, work out to be extremely reasonable for, what is essentially, a wholesome home cooked meal. As with any restaurant on Havana’s Malecon, you’re coming here for the views and the Malecon legacy, as much as you are to simply eat. Highly recommended is to dine at Paladar Torreson just before sunset on a clear day. The overall ambience, views and romanticism will leave a lasting memory.

Address: Malecon No 27 Prado y Carcel, Havana, Cuba

Reservations: + (537) 8617476

Open: 12 to 12 – 7 days