Kids Play on Malecon Habana

Havana Malecon Kids diving

El Malecon is the center of attraction for Cuban kids too. Devoid of attraction parks and entertainment centers, Cuban kids get their fun the old fashioned way, jumping from the Havana Malecon seawall and seeing who can implement the best (or worst) back flip, summersault or group dive.

Malecon Havana Diving

Onlookers often cringe as these kids seem to defy logic, jumping headfirst into the sea, just inches from the jagged rocks. Yet, we needn’t worry, these kids are the Pros of Havana Malecon diving, perfecting their art as youths, spent playing along the Havana Malecon day after day.

Diving into sea Malecon Havana

malecon havana